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You’ve arrived here at my home on the Internet because we have something in common. It’s called excellence.

You seek it… my life is dedicated to it.

I’m Jeff Kessel and professional accounting is my passion. Well, one of them. Serious sport fishing is another. You might say that both took root early in my boyhood, up in Michigan. That’s where I learned the old fashioned values that have made me right at home wading through the numbers and footnotes of America’s corporations.

Jeff in his office

You may recognize my values: patience, attention to detail, honest work to achieve a satisfying result.

I’m always casting about for the truth. And I’ve become very good at it.

You will learn three things before you leave here:

  1. Who is Jeff Kessel? His client track record; the nine vital qualities his clients value; his professional credentials.
  2. What do his clients say about him?
  3. How can you benefit from Jeff Kessel’s uncompromising dedication to excellence?

Have a look.

My clients: Who they are…

You might say I’m a “seasoned” auditor. For over 20 years now, my ABL field work has taken me all over the map. Which is a very good sign for you. Examinations and underwriting, internal audits, and certified financial audits with Big Four accounting firms have been my proving grounds.

I’ve conducted engagements with credit lines (secured primarily by accounts receivable and inventory) ranging from $500,000 to $100 million. Many of those, especially recently, I’ve handled solo. I also work in tandem with colleagues or third party institutions.

On the road again...

Industries and markets I’ve mastered over the years are diverse:

I’ve even performed engagements for the pawn shop industry.

The nine key values I provide to my clients…

My approach to on-site auditing is my natural way of doing things - patient, detailed, personal, respectful. Here are the nine core components that embody the standards, practices, and functions that I believe are most important when you evaluate Jeff Kessel’s potential for your next project.

Jeff with documents
  1. I provide a focused insight into the integrity of the loan collateral, internal controls and reporting, company management, and overall operating performance.
  2. I am scrupulous about identifying and highlighting areas of collateral weakness, and/or abuse; also the adequacy of the advance rates, the frequency of future examinations, and offering appropriate recommendations.
  3. I provide the lender with valuable collateral data on prospective borrowers, through pre-loan and new business surveys, as well as reoccurring field exams.
  4. I work with care to tailor my services to meet a lender’s specific needs.
  5. Jeff at airport
  6. I am comfortable using the lender’s audit program and report formats if requested. If none are prescribed, I will work with the institution to create the appropriate template to fit the lender’s requirements.
  7. I strive to improve relationships with existing customers.
  8. My communications style is candid and kept current with the lender throughout all phases of the field examination.
  9. My attention to business is prompt, responsive, and flexible in both scheduling and turnaround.
  10. I keep my overhead low, and go to great lengths to assure clients of a superior cost-benefit ratio for every engagement.

These simply reflect what I believe is the core of all professional practice. My clients and colleagues have informed me that this formula, in fact, is not common, but constitutes a “value-added” benefit. Which is why so many of my associations have evolved into loyal, steady relationships.

Here, draw your own conclusions.

What clients say about the Jeff Kessel “touch”

Jeff fly fishing

… one of my most trusted resources.

When one of our subcontractors goes out on-site, he represents us. Three years ago, I’d had some bad experiences with large auditing firms, and a colleague recommended Jeff Kessel. Today, about twenty field exams later, Jeff has become one of my most trusted resources. His professional manner and work habits help him find things other examiners will never go deep enough to get; all the while, Jeff remains a good reflection on our company. I used to have to go through layers of people to communicate about a project. Now I call Jeff. And Jeff answers the phone.

Susan Cloud, Senior Underwriter - Textron Financial Corporation, Oswego OR

Jeff made the loan work!

Outstanding performance… Jeff made the loan work! This is the third major financial transaction we have been through. It has been, because of Jeff, by far the best.

Executive V.P. - Midwest lumber company

… asute recommendations about legal issues.

I’m an attorney for one of the largest banks in the U.S. I’ve found Jeff Kessel to be a one-of-a-kind investigator. He has excellent forensic skills, knows where to look for evidence, and he makes astute recommendations about legal issues. Other guys are numbers wonks; Jeff interprets data in context of the big picture and he translates the jargon of each unique business into layman’s terms, but his reports always hit their marks professionally.

Chuck Serafino - Vincente & Moye, P.C., Houston TX

Other examiners just point out concerns…

I appreciate Jeff exploring the key issues and asking questions. Other examiners just point out concerns without getting answers while they are at the company.

Audit manager - national financial institution, Texas

Jeff drills down to the details…

Jeff Kessel is one of the strongest field examiners I’ve worked with in 15 years of client work. I reserve Jeff for the critical assignments that are particularly challenging. He’s my ‘go-to’ guy. Jeff drills down to the details that the ordinary number-crunchers never get to. He’s got the technical know-how to work with all types of challenges: asset-based, financial-based, risk-scenarios, you-name-it; his pointed opinions are always on target. I appreciate his ability to go way beyond your standard CPA, and quickly grasp the concept of what we’re looking at.

Clint Byers, Audit Manager - Comerica Bank-Texas, Dallas TX

… razor-sharp analytical ability and Midwestern common sense.

I really enjoy working with Jeff. He’s steady, methodical, and he’s got great instincts. His skill set is a blend of razor-sharp analytical ability and Midwestern common sense. You can see it in his working m.o. He listens intently – all the while, he’s sorting through the complexities, but non-confrontationally. When what people say differs from the facts, he quietly shifts into investigative mode. Jeff understands when to hold ‘em and he knows when to fold ‘em, and he can always back up his great work product with evidence.

Robert Bowles, Managing Partner - Blue Water Consulting, Detroit MI

… a winning attitude…

Jeff is credited with tackling and understanding two difficult receivable borrowing bases; one on a new business deal, and another on an existing Atlanta account… [Jeff ] has a winning attitude that contributes to the overall success of the field exam… he is consistently looking for ways to improve efficiency for the examiners…

Account manager -, large southeastern bank

… up to speed in no time

I really like working with Jeff. I trust him as more than a guy who hands over good numbers – he goes into a company and is up to speed in no time. He has common sense and he’s a reliable professional. He determines what he can do, and what should be delegated. He’s quick on his feet to get the lay of the land. We’ve worked mainly in two very different industries – oil and gas due diligence for senior lenders; and on a merger of a huge staffing company. Jeff is more than an auditor – I consider Jeff a valued adviser whose observations I can trust.

Mike Forte, Managing Partner - Cedarwood Associates, LLC, Jersey City NJ

… a multi-talented professional

Good field practices are in the eye of the beholder. I know what to look for because I’ve done these same kinds of engagements myself about two hundred times. When I see Jeff Kessel at work, I see a multi-talented professional: Jeff has a great technical expertise. He’s able to analyze for value and quality and he summarizes the key issues knowledgeably. He understands a multitude of industries. He doesn’t mince words. He works for the client. I wouldn’t say he was better than anyone else if every field examiner performed like Jeff Kessel. But they don’t.

Chris Welsh, Senior Vice President - Plains Capital Bank, Dallas TX

Now it’s up to you…

If you’re ready to enjoy my natural way of doing business, we should talk before you assign your next field audit or financial consultancy project.

You’ll have my promise of work executed in a patient, detailed, respectful, and professional manner. You’ll have the assurances of my nine core standards, honed in the most demanding arenas in the business world.

If you’d like to discuss it, give me a call or e-mail me right away. I’m ready to “fish for the truth,” deep down in your numbers.

Jeff on phone

Call me: 1-214-914-7730.

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